Turcot: la route devenue architecture (2014) — Berengère L. Marin-Dubuard (beewoo)

Sound / Interaction Design for dome environment

presented in the Satosphere at the Société des arts technologiques (SAT) in Montreal, as part of BIAN 2014.
“The interactive and immersive installation Turcot: la route devenue architecture offers a tour of an interchange from the point of view of a pedestrian or cyclist. The Satosphere’s spherical projection sweeps visitors into the heart of this gigantic work by offering a perceptual experience on human scale. Visitors can transform the interchange in real time, changing its structure and the journey, by manipulating a wooden model placed, like a construction game, at the centre of the dome. They create another architecture, one that is dynamic and unstable, altering the idea we have of the structure and its final form.” — Monique Savoie - Society for Arts & Technology [SAT]
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